Something Bigger Than Fashion

When I tell people the amount of work I do for Corinne or rather how much of it is done by myself, they always ask, "How do you do it?" I sometimes will just laugh and jokingly say that I don't sleep, but most of the time, I tell people that Corinne is a means for me to do something bigger, to not only meet and invest in people's lives (it's been an amazing journey of meeting so many creatives and just all around lovely people), but it also allows for me to have the flexibility to travel to countries where most people do not go to like the slums.

Last year I had an incredible opportunity to travel all around the capital of the Philippines, Manila (see picture above), and see what the organization does for the poor. My most memorable experience was working with the women at a women's center in Payatas, an urban dump, and brought them patterns I made and taught them how to sew the patterns. Most importantly, it allowed for me to meet these wonderful, loving people and really love and appreciate them as they welcomed me into their lives.

Experiences likes these give me a greater purpose because fashion can at times be extremely chaotic, really stressful, and very demanding, but if your purpose in life has a deeper, more profound calling, everything else pales in comparison. And, so I write this post because I will be leaving to Mexico for a little over a week to really love the people and to work with the children in this country who will become the next generation of leaders for this world we live in now. 

I also wanted to thank my faithful Corinne followers, shoppers for buying Corinne and for giving me the opportunity to do the things I do like invest in other people's lives and in allowing me to do what I love which is make clothes for you lovely ladies. Some of you have taken the time to send sweet, thoughtful emails about your purchase which is so heartfelt because as a creative, it's absolutely rewarding, and since I will be gone for over a week (all orders placed from July 28th until August 5th will ship out August 10th), I am giving a 10% discount on the entire site until August 5th. Discount code: THANKYOU10

Warmly, Sus xx